Friday, January 6, 2017

Never enough time . . .

Where does it go? It was fall. Then I recall a flash of Christmas.
Now I look up and see Valentine's everywhere.
I think I need to start for next Christmas NOW.

This is one of the many trays of treats I made over the holidays. I ended up inventing some new techniques (happy accidents) and a simple but effective method for edible pinecones of all sizes which I hope to share with you before next Christmas. 

These grapevine wreaths are made of chocolate and are adorned with rustic berries (sugar pearls) nestled on a bed of pistachio moss. I may or may not have filled them with cherries.

Hope your holidays were jolly!!!



Rose | said...

Those cupcakes are so, so pretty!! Happy New Year Deborah!

Deborah Stauch said...

Thanks so much Rose! How very sweet of you!